Servicing all of Greater Sydney & Wollongong Areas

Bitumen spray seals provide a simple and cost-efficient way to quickly resurface a driveway, carpark or road when requiring something less permanent than asphalt.

Preparation is the foundation to any long-lasting bitumen surface therefore ours are carefully prepared in the same manner we would prepare an asphalt surface.

Bitumen spray seal consists of a single layer of bitumen that is sprayed as a hot liquid, which is immediately followed by the application of a single layer of crushed aggregate.

Sprayed seals are held in place by a combination of adhesion between binder and aggregate, mechanical interlock between adjoining aggregate particles, adhesion to the underlying base and binder rising up and filling the space between aggregate.

Spray Seal offers a much more course finish as compared to Asphalt as there is some amount of loose stone there for the entirety of the spray seal’s lifespan. The final look and finishing majorly depend on the kind of aggregate used, their size, and placement.