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Cold Milling Machines

Cold milling machines, often referred to as profilers, play a crucial role in the removal of worn-out layers of asphalt, setting the stage for a new surface. This process is vital for creating a smooth and long-lasting roadway. The unwanted asphalt, also known as profilings or spoil, is efficiently transported away to a truck via a discharge conveyor, ensuring the base is ready for the fresh layer of hot mix asphalt. Both the depth and breadth of the surface to be milled are meticulously determined by the machine’s operator to guarantee precision.

Tier One Asphalt boasts a versatile fleet of profilers, each designed to cater to specific project needs and environments:

  • The W200 profiler, spanning 2 meters wide, is optimal for large-scale projects where swift and efficient removal is crucial, and space is not a constraint.
  • The compact W500 profiler, measuring 500mm in width, is perfect for minor repairs or in situations where larger machines cannot operate, such as under tree canopies or in narrow spaces typically found in municipal road maintenance for local councils.
  • For smaller or medium-sized tasks where the W200’s size may pose accessibility challenges, the W100 profiler, with a 1-meter width, offers a more practical solution, balancing efficiency with cost-effectiveness.

The removed asphalt does not go to waste; it is recyclable. Many clients choose to repurpose the profilings for various applications, including the repair of other asphalt surfaces or as a base for road construction and spray-on asphalt treatments.